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Testimonies - Landscape Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Home Remodel Bath, Deck & Misc

Before & After Pictures

Old Wall - Side View

The wood was so rotted that the hillside held by the back wall started coming down onto the lower level.

New Wall - Side View

The wall turned out beautifully and followed the lines of the hillside well. Note the reseeding of the grass next to the wall.

Old Wall - Front View

We had a tree inside the lower wall that we wanted to retain and protect.

New Wall - Front View

The wall formed nicely around the tree and should look even better as the tree grows taller.

Old Wall - Straight On View

The old wall here was rotting away, requiring the wall to be replaced.

Testimony Letter

DreamMasters Construction provided us with a beautiful rock landscape retaining wall where once there was nothing but rotten wood and weeds.  Jeff and his team did an amazing job and we are grateful for the quality of their work, their professionalism and especially, the speed with which the job was done. Jeff and his team spent long hours daily to get our wall built quickly. 

We have had some bad experiences with other contractors where it would be lucky if we got a few hours of work a day out of them.  We had one job that should have taken less than a week that was not completed for two months.  These other contractors seemed to think our jobs were too small to be a very high priority.  On the contrary, Jeff’s team was focused on our job from beginning to end.  Jeff’s attention to detail was also impressive.  When our grass was disturbed a bit by the work, Jeff made sure it was reseeded.  I was pleasantly surprised by this as the grass had not been in great shape to begin with and I believe many contractors would not have bothered to do this reseeding.  Jeff even offered to come back and seal our wall if weeds ever became a problem.

We would recommend DreamMasters Construction highly for any of your contracting needs.

Corey & Kim Rainboth


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